No news is awesome news


The nurses in the NICU spend as much time looking after Sime and I as they do Zac. We are encouraged to call anytime of the day or night for an update, we are greeted as friends as soon as we arrive and updated immediately on Zac; breathing, food, bowels and any results. They patiently answer our many and varied questions, gently guide us on how to look after Zac. They celebrate the highs and support us through the lows. They are truly special ladies (and one men!). Alongside the nurses are the red shirts (nurse specialists) and baby Doctors. They operate as a cohesive team, reviewing Zac during rounds and setting the course for his journey. This remarkable team are always available to have a chat should we ask, although generally not seeing them means things are as anticipated… no news is awesome news.

We are pleased to report that Zac is doing wonderfully well continuing to delight, amaze and engage us. His growth and development remains steady.

Zac, Dad and High Flow

  • Zac is full term! 37 weeks is medically full term and Zac was 37 weeks (adjusted) last Tuesday.
  • Zac has now spent 74 days living at RPA
  • Incredibly, Zac is now breathing without any support!
  • Zac is 2.670kgs, heading toward 6 pounds in old terms.
  • Zac is 46cm long. He has strong arms, enough to pull out his nasal prongs, chunky thighs to kick away his nappy as soon as it hints at being loose and chubby cheeks to delight the world.
  • Zac is continuing to show no retinopathy of prematurity (ROP, mentioned here).
  • Zac is holding his temperature and sleeping in a regular hospital cot.
  • Zac is dining straight from Kate!
  • Zac is loving swimming in the bath (with a little support from Kate)

Simon and I continue to need and call on our reserves of resilience. Sime is (mostly) successfully navigating the emotional and physical challenges of working full time and having a loved one in ICU. I am gritting in, now visiting the hospital multiple times a day as Zac and I learn to feed together. When not learning, I continue to express.

Although we are tired, with no doubt much more tiredness to come, love, laughter, food, good friends and your support keeps us going… not to mention the Lion products, plenty of coffee and dreaming of the three of us and Macka Morty (the ginger cat) being home together.

Kate and Zac front bath

The incredible NICU team feel Zac has the end of the RPA journey in sight. We have started to get excited, sometimes struggling to contain our delight. Providing Zac continues to breathe on his own, feeds from the breast and survives the detox from his (equivalent 10) espresso coffees, we should be home by the time he was due to arrive July 1st 2014.

Zac in hospital cot

15 thoughts on “No news is awesome news

  1. An inspirational baby with the foundations in place to become an inspirational adult ! … You two are doing a fantastic job !, he’s a lucky little fella ! Rx

  2. Fantastic news he’s looking good and couldn’t help myself, thanks to Esther, had to go and have a second look at you fab cleavage!! Loving your updates. Much love to you all from Henley xxx

  3. Hi Kate – it has been such a long time since school days!
    I just wanted to say that i know what an amazing,tiring and stressful time you are both going through. Just about 9 months ago i gave birth to my gorgeous wee twin daughters who were only 6 weeks early (born 32 weeks) and they only spent 3.5 weeks in NICU in Wellington hospital. What incredible staff – their encouragement, kind words and support got us through. Unfortunately we had a 3 year old at home that was also requiring my time and attention (travelling into hospital at 0430 to feed and be with the girls then back home by 3pm to spend time with Max)!
    I send you all our love and thoughts. That day when you get to bring Zac home will be the most memorable day – enjoy.

  4. Oh Morty. .. Reading this lil update has filled my heart with joy.! Can’t believe he is full term and has filled out so much!
    You and Simon have together done an incredible job of giving your lil man the best possible start in life. … What an adventure. You’ve well & truly aced it.
    I hope he continues to grow stronger & more medically independent each & every day & that you get to take your lil bundle of joy home as soon as you can.
    So very proud of you Mumma Bear & all your wonderful supporters xx

  5. Zac, you 2, and the NICU team are amazing!! I didn’t recognise Zac, he is huge!! What wonderful care and love surrounds him, fantastic news xx

  6. We have been following your amazing journey intently, with much love and prayers, trust the next few weeks fly by and you can be all home together soon. Deb & Pete, Jess & Jord

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