Patient Rewards


The past 8 weeks have been a lesson in many things. The power of positivity, depth of love, strength of hope, continuing perseverance and unlimited patience. That last trait is the one that does not run naturally through my veins but one Sime and I were encouraged to draw upon through this journey.

Patience was especially hard for me last week. I felt stuck in the reality of doing the same thing day after day: milking, recording volumes, washing the cowshed (aka expressing kit) and visiting the hospital… day after day. As well as the emotional ‘top up’ I get from seeing Zac, holding his hand, having a cuddle… last week was again a lesson in Kate – reinforcing what I like, don’t like, am good at, and find challenging.

2014-05-17 19.08.57

Thanks to you our family and friends continued support, and the hard work I continue to do on me, a strong relationship with Sime who recognises when I am a flat and loves to help tease out what is going on, as well as professional support from Bec – the NICU social worker and Rachel – my psychologist, I rolled with a day or three where this journey seems to be never ending. Anyone who knows me knows I love the start of a road and am equally excited to see the end… the middle is a struggle.

Yet patience does reward. Although we are still in the middle of this journey, with no concrete end (the doctors said to expect Zac to be in the NICU close to full term corrected, 1 July), we have turned a corner and had many positively fabulous moments this week with Zac.


  • Dropped his CPAP dependency to pressure 5 and has started to be weaned off breathing support by having time with no cpap!!!

Zac also:

  • Continues to show no retinopathy of prematurity (aka ROP mentioned here)
  • Was again the biggest anti loser – first doubling his birth weight then racing on past 2kg to his current 2,020gm or 4.4 pounds
  • Surprised many a nurse with exceptional bowel function (and Mum with smelly farts)
  • Demonstrated he will be able to fit into the family events with a very loud cry, regularly communicating his disapproval when being returned to bed post a cuddle
  • Is over 42cm long
  • Loves to wriggle, squirm, kick and wave
  • Moved into open care system, (aka out of the kennel and into a basket)


Tomorrow Zac is 35 weeks in age corrected. There remain many opportunities to celebrate progress as well as a continued need for patience.

2014-05-21 14.05.46

3 thoughts on “Patient Rewards

  1. What an amazing little man you have. He is doing so well and progressing beautifully by the sounds of it. Celebrate every little milestone xxx

  2. Kate and Simon , no truer words spoken, open crib another step towards the door, Zac you are as big now as what lil was on going home and might I say just gorgeous.

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